deskDOC DWG to PDF Professional: Create PDFs from DWG files.

Achieve substantial savings when you buy 11 or more deskDOC® DWG to PDF Professional licenses.

Volume licensing at a glance

Volume licensing at a glance

User stories

We were about to change viewers in the production from dwg viewers to pdf viewers and had to convert about 5000 dwg files to pdf files. We needed something better than Adobe Acrobat and downloaded a trial version of deskDOC Software and immediately realized that this program would save us a lot of time, we bought 25 seats. Now we use it every day for both AutoCAD and Pro/Engineer drawings and everybody are very satisfied with the ease of using deskDOC Software."

John Niles
Design Engineer
Systemair AB

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Reasons To Buy

There are thousands of reasons to buy deskDOC® DWG to PDF Professional. Here are some particularly good ones.

DWG to PDF conversion at an affordable price

You don’t need expensive AutoCAD® or Adobe® Acrobat® software to unlock your DWG files. deskDOC® DWG to PDF Professional creates high quality vector PDF files from CAD drawings.

Convert to different image formats

Convert your drawing to a variety of image formats, including GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, and BMP.

Create universally accessible files

The PDF file format is a widely accepted standard for viewing documents. Vector PDFs can be viewed on the Web, eliminating the need for a CAD viewer. You can easily make your drawings accessible to your clients and others who don’t have CAD software.

Multiple AutoCAD version support

We support a wide variety of versions of DWG and DXF files, making it easy to meet the requirements of legacy applications. deskDOC?DWG to PDF Professional converts between any combination of DXF or DWG files from R12, R13, R14, 2000, and 2004/2007/2008-2014.

Improved page layout settings

Use DWG page layout settings to create your PDF conversion. The page, view, and layout from your CAD drawing are retained, making it easy to create a high-quality PDF.

Batch mode conversion

deskDOC® DWG to PDF Professional can also be used from the command line to batch-process multiple conversions.

Scale for conversion

Now you can scale your conversion output to Extents, Display, or Layout Limits.

Specify line widths

Control line width scaling in the PDF file. You can use the line width options from the original file, display or suppress line widths in your conversion, or use your own custom line width.

Combine drawings

Join multiple drawings into a single PDF file.

Choose layouts to convert

Select from current, Model (layout), or Layouts Only (excluding the Model) You can also select layouts to convert by name. 

Choose layers to convert

Identify specific drawing layers to convert, by layer name or by type (on/off, lock/unlock, frozen/unfrozen, or plottable/unplottable).

Control PDF output colors

Choose full color, grayscale, or black-and-white.

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