Set Images Options

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Image Sizes and Colors


Paper size (Standard / Custom): Allows you to set the size of the paper. Portrait and landscape mode can be easily switched by exchanging the width and height values.
Output Color: Allows you to choose between True Colors, Gray-scale, or Black/White.
Background Color: Set the background color of your image file.
Zoom Type: Allows you to set Zoom type between Zoom All and Zoom Extend.


Output Option

Allows you to choose between "Replace original" and "Rename (automatically increment the filename)".


SHX and XRef Directories


If the text quality is not satisfactory, please add the SHX font directories to the SHX font directories list. If the drawing has an XRef, please add the XRef directories to the XRef directories list.


Output Layout


Model space: Output the model space.
All layouts: Output all layouts.
Output by layout name: Output the specifically layout.
All Paper spaces: Output all paper spaces.


Line Width (Pen Width)


Use Default width: Use the AutoCAD default line width.
Custom by color: Set line width by color. (You can set the line width value in pixels. )